A little bit about me

Going back 20 years in time, I mostly created early e-commerce stores and logos for all kind of business. From road construction companies to consultancy agencies.

A few years ahead, I started working for one of the biggest supplement distributors in Europe, creating their ads, product designs and online presence.

Since then I have worked with big names as AlphaTech, Prometeus, XXL Nutrition, Applied Nutriceuticals, Kevin Levrone and Ooh Snap Nutrition.

Having been working for so long in both fields, I have developed a powerful sense of what this market wants and desires.

Why I love what I do

Almost twenty-five years ago I fell in love with sports nutrition. I remember buying the magazines, not only for the articles and images, but also for the sports nutrition ads.

The fitness industry has been a major part of life since. When you feel so much at home, anything you do with regards to it, feel natural and comes easy. Any task I commit to with 100% effort. Even if the client is satisfied with the work, I might spend some extra time to make it even better. The end result is what counts for me. I do what I love, can’t get enough of it.


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